The Wedding Players – FAQs

 We appreciate that there’s a lot of questions you might have (and a lot of concerns when thinking of a stereotypical ‘wedding DJ’.

Feel free to ask us anything you wish, but here’s some answers to Frequently Asked questions:


Q – Can we choose our own Music?

A – It’s your wedding, so of course, we’d like you to let us know your musical preferences. And encourage Playlists from our couples. We will help you at any time with this.


Q – Will the DJ talk all night

A – No – unless you instruct us otherwise, we will do the announcements – First Dance, ‘Thank everyone’ at the end etc. – simple, good manners and relevant. In between, we will leave your music speak for itself, unless of course you wish us to say anything, and we will gladly do so.


Q – What will the DJ set up look like?

A – Amazing – neat, uncluttered, in simple White or Black, with no adverts, wires, ‘scaffolding’ on show. Please ask for photos.


Q – What is the DJs dress code?

A – Always smart. To always be smart we will tend to wear all black – shirt, tie, shoes, trousers at very least – and often waistcoat  / suit 


Q – The Venue informs us the DJ needs Public Liability Insurance. Do you have this?

A – Yes we do, plus PAT certificates


Q – What happens if there is an emergency / DJ is taken sick etc?

A – We have a team of 6, and always keep one DJ ‘on call’. We also have spare equipment all to a similar standard as that booked. We offer this advantage over a ‘one man band’.


Q – Do you have any References / Testimonials?

A – Yes – we are proud to have incredible Bride & Groom Testimonials from the Wedding Industry Awards (see listed under Useful Information on website plus individual DJ testimonial which we will gladly email you upon request.

Also we are preferred or recommended supplier to the region’s most prestigious venues all of which demand a high level of service


Q – Do you offer any other Services?

A – we most certainly do – including Mood Lighting, Photo Booth, LOVE Letters, Musicians, Casino Tables, Magicians, Garden Games (see our photo gallery, or request a list)


Q – Can we meet with you to discuss our requirements?

A – Yes we would be pleased to meet with you (at your home if in the area, or most often we meet in the lovely Avon Gorge Hotel, where the coffee is good and the view, breath-taking!)


Q – Can a friend play a few songs?

A – It may be possible, but it would mean us taking out extra insurance and a damage waiver.


Q – Can we have a singer / band play through your sound system?

A – Judged on an individual basis. Sometimes possible, depending on the artist’s requirements (extra equipment and insurance may be required)


Q – Can we receive a written quote?

A – Yes – just let us know your postal address, and we will be pleased to send one out to you.


Q – How do we Book, and do you require a deposit?

A – Yes, usually between £90 – £120 (depending on the final price)


Q – How do I book?

A – Let us know and we’ll ask for an address to send you a Booking Confirmation, which you would sign and return to us. We then countersign, scan and email back to you.


Q- When is the final Balance Due?

A – Balance to be received 2 weeks prior to Wedding Party Date via Bank Transfer